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Our Process

We call it Marketing Operations.  It’s not the design of a new brochure, website or campaign.  It's not about adding social media applications before looking into the potential implications of those actions. It’s how marketing efforts are going to impact other key areas of the operation.  It’s what needs to be considered in order for our strategy to be successful. It’s asking the right questions to ensure we achieve the desired outcome.


  • Will brand awareness increase our volume, but create bottlenecks elsewhere?

  • Will consumers notice a change when they come to our organization?

  • Will promotion of our services negatively impact our margins?


Our marketing operations process looks at all of the internal and external stakeholder groups and addresses what has to be accomplished with these audiences to reach your goals.



Internal Audiences



Referral Sources


Strategic Partners

Loyalist Groups

Friends and Family

Volunteer Groups

External Audiences

The Community

Media Outlets

Industry Groups



Regulatory Agencies


Benchmarking Groups

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Outreach Methods

Media, Interactive, PR, Print,

Community Programs, Education, Signage, Mail, Phone, In Person